SKY Properties, Inc.

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6711 Forest Lawn Dr., Suite 107
Los Angeles, CA 90068

(323) 882-6606



To pay your rent online or submit a maintenance request, please login here:


(323) 882-6606

(310) 993-6103


What can legally be charged from my security deposit?
"(1) unpaid rent; (2) cleaning the rental unit after you vacate (but only to what it was before you moved in); (3) repairing damage caused by the tenant that goes beyond normal wear and tear; and (4) if provided in the lease, replacing keys, laundry cards, garage openers, etc."
Here is a decent resource to review:

What happens if I break my lease?
A lease is a legal document making the lease holder responsible for the rent up until the end of the lease term.

What if I think I hear running water in the walls or floor?
That can be a sign of a potential flood. Call the manager. If you cannot reach the manager, call the local fire department.

I have a problem in my apartment, but am hesitant to tell my manager about it. What should I do?
At SKY Properties, we encourage creating a community environment. What you may think is a minor issue, or something you are only slightly burdened by, we want to know about it. No matter how small it may seem to you, we want to encourage you to speak openly and freely about it. Sometimes a small thing can have a much larger impact on your community. Inform your manager or call the SKY Properties office directly at: br (323) 882-6606

What can I do about noisy neighbors?
The best action is to document the behavior: write down the type of noise, the date and the time, every time it happens. If you document the behavior in your AppFolio portal, it will be conveniently retained in your tenant record for you. For further action, please inform onsite manager or management and follow the instructions of the LAPD: