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What we do at SKY Properties, Inc. to help the environment

What we do at SKY Properties, Inc. to help the environment

Green Property Management

Trends are a consistent way to show what people are currently interested in, what drives them and the issues they focus their attention on.

Being green is a trend, one that’s hopefully here to stay.

Furthermore, going green is no longer a trend for property managers, it’s also a viable option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and preserve the environment for generations to come.  It is also an excellent way to save money and reduce expenses for Housing Providers and Residents alike. 

At SKY, we know that due to the adoption of energy disclosure ordinances by major cities across the United States, there has been an increase in local and national efforts to encourage green leasing adoption. For example, Boston included an increased green leasing effort in its draft of the 2014 Climate Action Plan. These actions will continue to drive dialogue around green leasing in Boston.

These efforts aren’t just national, but global. Back in 2010, the United Kingdom’s Better Buildings Partnership produced a green lease tool-kit, outlining green leasing principles, best practices and providing model green leasing language and memorandums of understanding.

At SKY Properties, Inc. we know there’s nothing our tenants love more than feeling like they’re part of the solution. That’s why we provide them with eco-friendly alternatives within our properties such as biodegradable bins and green landscaping with little need for water, making an easy and well-defined waste reduction and recycling plan available to the community.

We also welcome environmentally conscious vehicle owners.  One of the primary tensions with renters owning an electric vehicle (EV) is the lack of access to a charging station where they live. At SKY, you can find EV charging stations available at many of our new buildings already ready to use in our parking spaces. 

At SKY Properties, we also believe that being pet friendly is a great part of going green. Knowing that tenants are constantly looking for pet friendly buildings for their furry friends, we understand many renters are unwilling to part ways with their pets and will immediately be deterred by a non-pet-friendly building. Renters with animals are increasingly common and accepting pets is certainly a “must” for us. Not only do we welcome your pets here, we try provide them with information about open green spaces, nearby parks or actual pet parks right on the property so their need for comfort and better quality of life is part of the everyday community and surroundings at our buildings.  

We know that tenants want to have the opportunity to have a positive impact on their environment, that’s why at many of our properties we are trying to encouraging community gardens where tenants can have the option to grow their own vegetables or herbs but understanding that not all buildings have the space for that.  We are planting lemon trees instead of maples where we can and Rosemary instead of a green hedge or providing pots for basil where appropriate and not a hazard.  Food and herbs that most people use a lot are being incorporated into our landscapes and our tenants are loving this feature. 

By going green, we have been able to provide many of our tenants with the best amenities, such as newer appliances that consume less energy and modern LED light bulbs, which are extremely energy efficient and consume up to 90 percent less power than incandescent bulbs which also translates into to saving them money. 

Earlier this year, one of Kari Negri’s (owner of SKY Properties) YouTube subscribers asked her for some suggestions for going green. Kari called this “Green Cleaning ” and gave out five great tips for going green. Some of them included energy efficient light bulbs, low flush toilets that save gallons of water, educating  residents, showing how to make natural cleaners and last but not least staying informed and keeping up on simple things that can make a huge difference, things that are available to tenants of SKY Properties here in Los Angeles.

Today, we’d like to give you two more tips to make your home more ecological and environmentally conscious:

Adding Window Treatments

Window treatments help you reduce your heating and cooling costs, while making your apartment look more fashionable. Buy roman blinds or a pair of thick curtains for your windows to block the heat in the summer and keep cold air from entering during the winter. Did you know drapes with a white backing can reduce heat gain in the summer up to 33 percent? You can also sleep in without the sun hitting your face…

Proper use of Appliances

Upgrading your older refrigerator in your new SKY home is a simple way to improve your home’s look and lower the overall amount of energy-consumption. Look for new appliances that have the Energy Star label, because they use around 15 percent less energy than non-labeled ones. But remember, if you get a new refrigerator, don’t just throw the old model out with the garbage. There are proper disposal procedures for the Los Angeles area, find out what’s available for you and talk to your property manager. Older appliances, like refrigerators, can contain dangerous materials, including mercury and oil, that’s why some stores will pick up and dispose of old appliances for you, or you might be able to recycle them within your city.  They can also be very dangerous if left unattended as small children and animals have become trapped inside. 

Congratulations and good luck on going green with your home and with SKY Properties!