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Vote No on Proposition 10

Vote No on Proposition 10

The Proposition 10 Ballot Initiative coming this November being sold as the “Affordable Housing Act,” if passed, will repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act and harm the interests of every California property owner. Here’s a quick summary of what’s at stake:

  • If passed, all types of housing may be subject to rent control, regardless of the year built.
  • If passed, all protections against onerous rent control laws will be eliminated statewide. Property owners will be at the mercy of local government and special interest groups.
  • If passed, public employee pension funds, many of which are heavily invested in apartment buildings, will decline in value and unfunded pension liabilities will increase even more.
  • If passed, vacancy decontrol will be eliminated, meaning that your local lawmakers and non-elected rent control boards can limit the amount of rent you can charge to new tenants after your old tenants move out.
  • If passed, rent control can apply to condominiums and single-family homes, and not just to apartments anymore.
  • If passed, many more communities throughout California will be emboldened by rent control activists and special interest groups to pass laws that will severely restrict your property rights and the rent you can charge.
  • If passed, the only way to repeal or amend the initiative will be through another voter initiative. That will take years at best. Your State Legislature is powerless when it comes to amending and appealing these new burdens that will be placed on property owners.
  • If passed, hundreds of millions of your tax dollars are at stake. Any court actions to challenge its constitutionality will be paid by taxpayers. That’s you!
  • If passed, property values will decline as owners of rental property will incur significant losses in revenue and will no longer be able to maintain their properties resulting in neighborhood blight. Lower property values steal badly needed property tax dollars that fund our schools and first responders.
  • If passed, no new affordable housing units will be created, new housing construction will decline, and construction jobs and trades servicing the apartment industry will be negatively impacted.

Please join the fight today! Vote NO on Proposition 10 this November.

RED ALERT! Vote NO ON PROPOSITION 10 The Costa-Hawkins’ Repeal Initiative Coming on this November’s Ballot.

Stop the rent control extremists behind Proposition 10 that will be on the November ballot. If passed, it will drastically expand California’s rent control laws by repealing the protections we currently have under Costa-Hawkins. The initiative is the most hostile political threat to the rental housing industry in AAGLA’s 100-year history! If passed:

  • Your right to raise rent to market when tenants move out will be eliminated.
  • Rent control will be expanded to newer, post-1995 built buildings.
  • Rent control will be expanded to single family homes and condominiums.

Please support us by contributing to the AAGLA Political Action Committee – that’s the only way we can win this November and save CostaHawkins and defeat other attacks on the rights of property owners. The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA) has been working with other groups for months to plan and launch a campaign to defeat Proposition 1. We need your financial support to Win! Don’t delay! Mail in your contribution today to: Issues Political Action Committee of AAGLA, c/o Reed & Davidson, LLP, 515 South Figueroa Street, Suite 1110, Los Angeles, California 90071-3301; Attn. C. Davidson, Treasurer, or contribute online at:

Contributions to Issues PAC of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles are not tax deductible.

Paid for by Issues PAC of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles.