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Toluca Lake Homeowners Association presents $7,000 check

Toluca Lake Homeowners Association presents $7,000 check

‘PALS’ is a nonprofit booster group for NoHoDivision of L.A.P.D.

By Stephen Hampar,Toluca Lake HomeownersAssociation presiden

A special check presentationt ook place recently at the North Hollywood LAPD, where proceeds fromthe Toluca Lake Homeowners Association’s 6th Annual Turkey Trot was donated to the East Valley PALS (Police Activity League Supporters).

East Valley PALS is a nonprofit booster organization for the North Hollywood Division of the L.A. Police Department, providing financial support for the men and women of the LAPD. It often comes as a surprise to the average Angeleno how difficult it is for the City to pay for some essential equipment, training and special events. PALS attempts to bridge that gap.

They also encourage, support and sustain LAPD sponsored youth programs with in the Division withan emphasis on the Cadet and Jeopardy programs. Just a small sampling of the work PALS has done for the North Hollywood LAPDhas been:

  • Paint purchased to repaint some of the rooms at the North Hollywood LAPD.
  • Sponsored the range fees for all officers as part of their annual testing.
  • Sponsored the Narcotic Team toa sponsored seminar on learning how to detect and best practices for dealing with the growing problem of meth labs in the division.
  • Provided funding for new mattresses for the COT Room.
  • Rewarded six deserving Jeopardy Students who have improved on their school performance with a trip to Haunted Hayride at Griffith Park.
  • Provided meals for 50 officers assigned to mandatory training for arrest and control.
  • Z-Ram bar to help breach fortified doors. Makes quick work of entry for Special Problems Unit.
  • GPS tracker for automobiles. Helps track vehicles under surveillance.
  • GPS tracker for bicycles. Bike thefts are one of the most common property crimes in the East Valley And of particular importance tothe communities of North Hollywood and Toluca Lake, they participate, support and strengthen “community policing,” serving as communication conduits between thepublic and the Los Angeles PoliceDepartment. The Toluca LakeNeighborhood Watch relies heavilyon this program!

The Toluca Lake Turkey Trot took place on November 18, 2018, and is an annual event. Much of the proceeds and the ultimate success was due in large part to our generous sponsors who had donated money, coffee and food. They include NBCU niversal, Craig Strong, Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce, Toluca Lake Tennis and Fitness Club, Malbec Restaurant, A5 Events and Hampar Properties.

The North Hollywood Police Department has always been there to support and protect Toluca Lake, so this was a great opportunity to giveback!

Visit for more information about East Valley PALS