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What is a Property Supervisor?

“Hi Kari, what exactly is a property supervisor?”

Hi Whitney! Thank you for such a great question! A good supervisor inspires others to do a great job. It is someone who can teach others to do well what they have already learned. Here is a full definition with key points to what makes a successful property supervisor:

Definition of a property supervisor
The person who oversees management of a portfolio of properties. He or she is in charge of the on-site manager, the maintenance staff, vacancies, and operations – making sure everything gets done on time and on budget.

Marketing and Screening applicants

A community is built by its people. A supervisor understands how important it is to have up-to-date market surveys to achieve maximum rent and rent increases from a marketing perspective. Additionally, a good supervisor is thorough in their applicant screening. The best way to stave off evictions is to mitigate that risk by attracting responsible tenants with each vacancy.

Well-trained managing staff
It’s important to properly train on-site managers – something that SKY Properties has won multiple, “On-Site Manager of the Year” awards.  As in any management hierarchy, the better the training at each level, the better the whole organization operates.  This results from a combination of training, engagement, oversight, experience, and compensation.

Eyes on the building
A good property supervisor goes out to each building and gets a ground view picture of what’s going on.  When reporting back to owners on monthly status reports, it’s key to have had eyes on situations that the on-site manager is reporting, maintenance progress, and any tenant/customer service issues. Being on the ground also helps you to stay on top of any foreseeable liabilities.

Keeping track of maintenance and maintenance staff.  The property supervisor is also in charge of the maintenance supervisor.  Incidentally, SKY Properties’ maintenance supervisor won the, “Maintenance Supervisor of the Year” award in 2013.  This is a testament to the property supervisor as well, as the maintenance supervisor is in constant communication with the property supervisor, who guides and oversees their team’s work, progress, budget, and outcome.

Vacancy repair/turnover
When a vacancy occurs, the property supervisor and maintenance supervisor assess the condition, budget and schedule to turn the move-out into an available vacancy as quickly as possible.  Whether it involves a bit of touch-up paint or a complete rehab of the unit, the team develops a clear and rapid plan of execution.

Building Character
Each building has its own character and budget, which has an effect on how it’s operated.  Both safety and curb appeal is important to budget, operations, marketing, and renting. Even buildings on the same street can have completely different maintenance needs and tenancy.

Relationship with Senior Lead Officers

I can’t stress enough how important it is to build a relationship with your SLO. Your community will benefit, your building and safety will benefit. A good property supervisor will engage each SLO assigned to buildings in their portfolio and arrange a meeting with the building’s on-site manager. We have a great video interview with one of our SLO’s. Simply go to and search, “SLO” to view it.

Thank you for your question, Whitney. I hope I’ve given a substantial, overall picture of what a property supervisor is!