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Ask Kari property Management in Los Angeles

Dear Kari, I heard that my trash fees could triple - is this true?

- Jonathan from Culver City
  • There are now only seven trash collection companies. This has created a monopoly that allows them to use your money to play the game. The law they passed requires the seven companies to hire only union labor. The trash companies can afford this now since they can charge you higher fees and no longer worry about a competitor cutting the prices they charge and this will cause prices to increase and service to decrease.
  • Politicians count on the unions to donate to their PACs which I suspect is why there is a union requirement? All detectives always say, “Follow the money”.
  • The seven trash companies pay a franchise fee that’s determined by 12% of what they charge you and this goes into the city coffers.
  • This morning a Housing Provider told me that their new bill is more than double.
  • If you want to do something you must contact your council members - if you need help, Fred Sutton here at AAGLA can help you do that.

Dear Kari, How can I stay current on the ever changing laws?

- Anthony from Encino
  • You can become a member of AAGLA but if you don’t actually read the magazine and keep current you could open yourself up to any number of lawsuits.
  • I have heard that there will be a company coming out with a way to always stay current. If you are interested in this please email me and I will let you know as soon as I get more information.
  • Most owners will turn to a management company as it is already a huge liability to manage your own property and not keep up on all the changes and laws. I have been to so many seminars where there are 300 people in the room and only ½ know what is actually going on.

Dear Kari, Do I have to participate in the Section 8 program?

- Lauren from Van Nuys
  • You cannot discriminate on the source of income that is true, but you do not have to participate in the Section 8 program.

Dear Kari, I have been told that I should not rent to tenants with big dogs, what do you think?

- Jacqueline from Santa Monica
  • First you should find out if your insurance policy has breed restrictions and if they do, you should know which dogs could be a financial problem and liability for you. SKY Properties, Inc. does love their dogs but has a few thoughts/rules we go by that you might consider:
  • We believe the bigger the dog the bigger the bladder.
  • If our tenants want a dog they should pay $100 monthly pet rent per dog with buildings with indoor hallways. $75 per dog otherwise.
  • We require all renters to have insurance - we require a minimum of $300,000 for liability. This helps insure that we do not discriminate against anyone with a companion animal that may fall into a higher risk category.
  • We always get a signed Pet Agreement which you can get from AAGLA.
  • We have a strict policy regarding behavior - any sign of violent tendencies should be met with a 3 day notice to quit. There can be huge liability where a Landlord has prior knowledge that a dog is dangerous.
  • Dog trivia - there is an ordinance in the city of LA that limits a person to only 3 dogs on the property unless they have a kennel license. Dalmatians were great dogs for the Fire Department because many are deaf and very aggressive.

Dear Kari, When do I get reimbursed for ½ of the fees I paid in February for Rent Registration?

- Karen from Burbank
  • In the past, it has always been the month of June (served in May). In 2017, the month to collect those fees has been changed from June to August. You can collect $12.25 from each registered unit but your 30-day notice must be served in July. The notice must have a copy of the Rent Stabilization Registration Certificate issued by city after you have paid the fees as proof of payment.
  • We will find out in June what annual rent increase will be but likely the same 3% even though some studies have shown expenses rising by 7%.