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An actress lived for decades in this New York City apartment -- for $28 a month (Part 1)

New York City is hugely expensive. But until March of this year, one woman was lucky enough to occupy a two-bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village -- one of the city's most desirable neighborhoods -- for the astonishing rent of $28.43 a month.Yes, twenty-eight dollars. That's not a typo.Patricia O'Grady moved to New York in 1955 to pursue a career as an actress. She and three girlfriends found a modest 2-bedroom apartment on the top floor of a four-story, mixed-use commercial building.It was a pretty sweet deal. In exchange for sweeping the hallways and keeping the building tidy, they paid $16 a month in rent.The super-skinny homes offering an attractive solution to crowded cities. The years went by and her roommates eventually moved out, but O'Grady stayed. And stayed. And why not? Over some 60 years her rent-controlled apartment remained incredibly affordable.Longtime actress Patricia O'Grady appeared on stage, in films and on TV.In March, O'Grady was taking a walk near her home when she was struck by a car and killed. She was 84. With her passing, news began to spread about the longtime Greenwich Village actress -- and her rent-controlled apartment.“I want to see that on paper. It doesn't seem possible," Gary Nurenberg, a realtor who specializes in downtown Manhattan, told CNN. "I just rented one (2-bedroom) not too long ago in that area for about $5,000," he added. "They can go up to $7,000, depending on the size of the bedrooms.”A bargain at 50 times the price ...O'Grady's most recent landlord was Adam Pomerantz, who told CNN he bought the building in 2002 and was surprised to learn that one of his tenants was paying such a low rent. 7 of the best tiny homes you can buy for under $115k. The previous owner had passed away several years before and the executor of the estate told Pomerantz that he never raised O'Grady's rent because he liked her so much and that the two were great friends.When Pomrenatz purchased the property, O'Grady was paying $26.45 a month. He looked into whether or not this was legal and his lawyer advised him it was because of rent-stabilization laws, but that he could raise her rent a whopping $1.98 a month.This is O'Grady's bedroom. Her family photos partially cover a wall that's desperate for a paint job.He asked O'Grady if she would consider moving out and she replied, "No I would not. And please don't ask me again, Mr. Pomerantz."He never did.Pomerantz did raise O'Grady's rent by $1.98 and could have raised it more every year under the law. But he chose not to as the two became friends.“She was just a very kind woman. She was a customer in my store," said Pomerantz, who owns Murray's Bagels in the adjacent building. "Overall, she was just a wonderful tenant.”