SKY Properties, Inc.

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6711 Forest Lawn Dr., Suite 107
Los Angeles, CA 90068

(323) 882-6606


334 Dolly Varden #, Arrowhead, CA 92352

334 Dolly Varden #, Arrowhead, CA 92352
3 Beds, 2 Baths Deposit: $200

Contact: Leasing (818) 759-0321


A stay at this adorable two story cabin is all you need for true peace and relaxation. Serene and beautiful Arrowhead Woods, walk to Lake Arrowhead Village and Lake. Enjoy the free lake passes to the beach clubs!
The cabin features comfy rooms, fireplace, full kitchen, Jacuzzi and so much more!
You can BBQ, enjoy moonlight drinks in the jacuzzi, lay out on sunny days, enjoy a cozy fire on chilly nights, shop in Lake Arrowhead Village, or go hiking / walking / exploring beautiful Lake Arrowhead woods.

Cabin rents for $200.00 a night *excluding holiday weekends. Holiday rates will vary.
* No deposit required for current SKY Properties tenants
Amenities: Fireplace, jacuzzi, premium cable, free WiFi, big screen TV
Pet Policy: Cats not allowed, Dogs allowed