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"What I appreciate most about SKY Properties is the personal attention CEO Kari Negri and the managers give so many matters. I find the staff extremely helpful." ~ Richard Slivkin, Real Estate Investor

“SKY Properties attends to the building’s and tenants’ problems in a professional, courteous and prompt manner. Our property image has been boosted. A job well done.” ~ Sam Youngesi, General Partner, Harbor Co.

“When SKY Properties took over management, I was ready to sell. They have done an exemplary job in all facets of management. Units are usually rented before departing tenants vacate, and rents are the best the market will bear. Maintenance is competent and consistent. Payments are prompt. In short, I highly recommend them.” ~ Steve Werndorf, Property Owner

"The SKY Properties management team has been responsible in a large part for the success we are now having with our rental operations. They keep the buildings in good shape; they appeal favorably to renters. SKY keeps excellent building records and provides all services in a timely manner. We are among the benefactors of their keen management skills and instincts." ~ Samuel Rand, Samuel Rand Investments

"SKY Properties turned a disaster into a very profitable enterprise. Under the company’s long-term care, rents and occupancy have doubled at my 79 unit apartment building, and the property looks beautiful." ~ Richard Slivkin, Property Owner


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